British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

The BFBA Executive Committee

It is the role of the Executive Committee (EC) to carry out the “business of the Association”. The President is a member of the EC.

Any member of the EC who has served a minimum of 3 years may become President of the Association and serves a two year presidency. The Vice President is elected at the AGM and will become President after the term stipulated.


Acting President:

Huw Dyer AWCF

Telephone: 01677 422587


Executive Committee (EC)

  • Carl Wain DipWCF Telephone: 07903 887061
  • Chris Linnsner AWCF Telephone: 07789 036376
  • Craig D’Arcy BSc (Hons) AWCF Telephone: 01254 697050
  • Abby Bunyard AWCF Telephone: 07974 018752
  • Ben Benson AWCF Telephone: 07989 606537