British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

BFBA Branch Lancashire, Cheshire & Cumbria

On Saturday the 27th of April we hosted a hoof knife making clinic by the very talented Leon Bentham. The day started with a meet and greet over breakfast which led onto Leon explaining what we were going to make and the various processes involved.

Once underway Leon assisted the farriers in designing the style of hoof knife they wanted whether that be a straight, drop or curved blade. The basic shape of the blade including the tang was roughly cut out of a specialised steel that Leon supplied. Leon then gave a precise demonstration on placement of the pin holes, forging the blades and grinding the profile before moving onto the hardening and tempering processes. It was then time to choose our handles with Leon supplying a variety of wooden blocks with intricate grain shapes and colours. With a quick working lunch we managed to make another hoof knife and the afternoon consisted of a lot of sanding, sharpening and polishing.

It was an action packed full day with everyone enjoying making their own bespoke hoof knives and being able to go away and make more at home. We even had numerous farriers drop in for a chat over a brew and a butty, and a familiar face from Myerscough College who got to make his own camping knife for his VW outings.

Anyone wanting to learn how to make knives or tools must get booked onto one of Leon’s upcoming events - keep an eye out for him on his Facebook page LGB Knives, Tools and Clinics. We will no doubt be holding another event by Leon in the future so we look forward to it and will keep you all informed. 


We have recently been inundated with farriers from surrounding areas outside of our branch, such as greater Manchester, Cumbria and Merseyside. So we will shortly be holding a meeting for branch members to vote on whether they would like to change our branch name to the BFBA Northwest District, if anyone would like any further information on this meeting just contact the number below. As always if you know of a facility in your area and would like an event or clinic holding please let us know. 

We have a few upcoming events from apprentice make and fit days to glueing clinics and many more, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page BFBA Lancashire, Cheshire & Cumbria branch or call 07929411691 and we will keep you updated via text message. Events take place at Cottams North West.