British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

Make your voice count – we need you!

Make your voice count – we need you!

Four farriers are to be elected in December 2017 to sit as Farriers Registration Council members for a 4 year term, from 2018 to 2021. Every Registered Farrier is eligible to stand for election and all Registered Farriers are entitled to vote.


FRC members –

·         Make policy to regulate farriery

·         Work alongside representatives from the WCF, BFBA, RCVS, RSPCA, BHA, BEF, LANTRA and Scottish Enterprise


You would be expected to devote at least 7 working days a year to Council and Committee meetings, plus preparatory time spent reading papers. Elected members receive travelling expenses and a taxable Attendance Allowance of £195 per day (2016 rate).


The Election Notice was published in the May 2017 FRC Bulletin, a copy of which is also available to download from the FRC website - If you are interested in putting yourself forward and would like to ask further questions about what the position entails please feel free to contact –


BFBA FRC Council Representatives –

Kevin Willard FWCF 07770 597669

Ben Benson AWCF 07970 838304


A Guidance Booklet on the Role and Responsibilities of FRC members and a Nomination Form may be obtained by contacting the Farriers Registration Council on 01733 319911.


Completed Nomination Forms must be received by the Registrar on or before close of business at 5pm on Tuesday 1 August 2017. Each candidate has the opportunity to  submit an Election Address (400 words) which will be printed on a  special edition Farriers Bulletin which will be sent out with ballot papers. The Polling Day is 11 December 2017 with the results to be declared at an FRC meeting in March 2018.


The BFBA ask that you engage in this process, either by putting yourself forward or by voting; it is of paramount importance we form a knowledgeable, respected and strong Council for positive progression within the industry.