British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

Code of Conduct - Feedback Required

Available here to download is the amendments 2017 to the Farrier's Code of Conduct. It can also be found on the FRC's webpage under 'News and Events'. The FRC require a response from Robin Hayden, BFBA Representative, by no later than Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, 1700hrs. 


Your opinion is required so as to answer as a 'True' Voice of BFBA for the working Farrier. 


Rob has also asked you all to pay special attention to the new "apprentice' guide part! As a military farrier, he acknolwedges he has very little understanding of employing apprentices, so ask especially for feedback on this selection of the guide. 


If no feedback is received, he will have to report, that the Farriery Industry is content with the amendments. 


Please email