British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

The new Forge Magazine

New content and member benefits

The British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association (BFBA) are delighted to confirm that the Forge magazine will re-commence publication in May 2017. Following the demise of the previous publishers the BFBA have taken the production of their long-standing publication in-house and now have in place a new team.

·        Gill Harris will continue in her role as Editor and we are pleased that Gill remains committed to Forge and we will continue to benefit from her editorial knowledge and expertise.

·        An Editorial Panel will consist of Carl Wain, Craig D’Arcy, Rob Hayden and Claire Brown who will meet to oversee magazine content and help source new, educational articles.

·        Claire Brown of Forge PR, will be responsible for Marketing and Sales.

Forge magazine is an important communication tool between farriers, the industry regulatory bodies and educational providers, and companies providing goods and services to farriers and blacksmiths. The BFBA is seizing this as an opportunity to relaunch a fresh, new magazine.

Forge magazine will continue to be sent to all UK registered farriers and apprentices, as well as to a number of international subscribers, and it will continue to be published bi-monthly. There will be four issues in 2017 (May, July, September and November) with six issues a year from 2018.

For members

One of the new developments is that BFBA members will receive additional, educational content. It has long been a desire of the Association to provide members with added value without compromising contact with all farriers or the magazine circulation. This educational content will be in the form of editorial and/or research papers written by farriers and equine industry professionals and will be placed within an insert to the generic magazine. The BFBA is delighted to confirm that this educational content will be accredited for CPD points by the Farriers Registration Council.

BFBA President, Chris Linssner, is delighted with the progress for the new publication, “I hope you share our excitement. The BFBA Executive Committee has wanted to develop our media resource for some time and hope that our members realise the benefits. As always feedback is incredibly important to us and I would encourage all farriers to come forward with both ideas and suggestions”.