British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

Trailblazer Update October 2016

The Trailblazer Assessment Plan has now been published and available for you to read, and comment on, via the Department for Education website (, this follows publication of the Standard in March (read here
The last intake for First for Sport will be Spring 2017 and from Autumn 2017 the new system will be in place which will be run by the farriery industry alongside the colleges. This is a positive movement forward in what has been a lengthy but necessary process and we look forward to progressing further.
This has been, and continues to be, a substantial effort by those farriery representatives on the Trailblazing team –
Alan Worthington
John Hayes
Ben Benson
Jason Gajczak
Craig D’Arcy
Abbey Bunyard
Haydn Price
Kelvin Lymer
Carl Wain
Wayne Preece
Jim Blurton
Ed O’Shaugnessy
and latterly, Simon Moore
with feed back from Jon Nunn and Mark Watson
I thank them for their time and commitment to the process.
Cliff Barnes, Chairman.