British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

Ben Benson and the CPD Review

CPD is about Continued Proffesional development and we want to make sure that the farriery profession is leading by example in the equine industry. We want to help farriers with not just the day to day of putting certain shoes on horses feet but we also want to make sure that they have all the tools and help available to them to operate the best business they can. We come to this profession because we are passionate about what we do and all have a wish to be the best that we can and shoe horses to the best of our ability but we are not necessarily skilled business people!!


CPD can help us to all learn something that doesn’t have to cost anymore to implement but can help us to look at not just the shoes on the feet but the whole business process. It can help the young newly qualified farriers look at how much they actually need to charge when setting thier shoeing prices based on the cost of living in their area, rather than a guess or £10 less than their old boss or anyone else in the area. BFBA wants to help farriers to do the best job and be the best that they and their clients want.


BFBA is not only the voice of the profession but also feels passionately about ensuring that the industry is encouraged and allowed to constantly be moving forward and looking to be aware of all the current changes in both governance as well as the developments within science. We also want to show the paraprofessional associations that we regularly work alongside vets, physiotherapists and osteopaths. We currently have little overlap with all these industries and they too have very little or no information on what we can do to either help them in their jobs or to benefit the end user.. the horse!!


The CPD review and programs are one of the many things that BFBA is looking to do to help support our industry and keep it as the golden standard for farriery.


Ben Benson