British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

EC Member, what and why?

"I am Robin Hayden AWCF MTF and I am a serving member of the British Army as an appointed Master Farrier. I started my military career in late 1994 as an armoured fighting vehicle crewman and have served in operations in the Balkans. I started my Farriery Apprenticeship in the Military in 2000/1, at the Household Cavalry. I sat my Class 2 Exams  (Dip WCF) in May 2005, and then my Advance Military Farriers Course (AWCF) in Dec 2008. I was then posted to the Army School of Farriery as the Senior Instructor in the Summer of 2009, and then became the (WO1) Farrier Major of the British Army in Spring of 2014 to the present. 


My Position on BFBA

As a member of the BFBA Executive Committee, I fill two roles. My secondary role is a member of the newly formed BFBA CPD Committee. 


My primary role on BFBA is to be 1 of 2 members that liaise between BFBA (the voice of the working farrier), and the FRC. As an appointed member of the FRC's Council, I ensure that the best interests of the working farrier (presented to BFBA) are heard and acknowledged by the the members of the FRC Council. 


I also fill an appointed position on the FRC's Investigation Committee, were I work as part of a team of vets, farriers and solicitors, that assess welfare, neglect, and misconduct cases that are presented to the FRC.