b'BFBAThe best event so farIve enjoyed it more than any other 1000 working farriersBFBA attended Farrier Focus this year, marking 10 years sinceFarrier Focusthe event began72 trade standsthe largestUK farriery event ever 7 speakers, 14 separatepresentations WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS you learnt and how it can help you in your day-to-day work. 9 demonstrations onFarrier Focus is organised for the farriery Is it time for farriers to work together in aspects of shoemaking,profession by the team at the Britishfarriery practices? By working together, gait analysis and remedialFarriers and Blacksmiths Associationeveryone could benefitfarriers could shoeing, etc (BFBA), supported by Holly Flack and newhave paid holidays, sick cover, a joint forge,5 FWCF-course candidatesadministrator, Sarah Carrott along withattend personalised CPD and perhaps masses of goodwill from many individuals gave two 10-minuteand volunteers who get involved everyprovide horse owners with a better service. presentations each year. Everyone agreed it was the bestThere is still time for ATFs to complete the2 open forums were held,ever, which is testament to having such aTrain the Trainer (TTFA) before Januarywith nine representativeshealthy farriery family. Here are some of the- but only just. Contact the colleges for of all three farrieryhighlights. further information.organisations and colleges Stromsholm and the Horse Trust launched6 blacksmiths working outa biosecurity pack, which were given free BFBA thanks .of coke, gas and using theto farriers. Each pack contained alcohol power hammer hand gel, a biosecurity aware van sticker,We have been blown away by the support18 hours worth of CPD protective gloves, disinfectant and a set ofand positive comments from so many overalls.that attended our largest ever Farrier1 world-class shoeingFocus. The tradestands provided a huge The five farriers currently on the BFBAs competitiontheFWCF course were given the opportunityarray of farriery and hoofcare products International Teamto speak for 10 minutes on two topics.and services in addition to useful product Horsehoeing CompetitionDespite revealing feeling nervous, eachdemonstrations and superb offers.celebrated its 40th birthday one presented interesting lectures onNo event such as this is able to take60 International seniorplace without massive effort of many topics under the events theme - practical team members went headapplied farriery. Their sessions werepeople. The BFBA sincerely thanks:to head exceptionally well attended and drewThe International Team32 international apprenticesinteresting questions from the audience.Championship competed for individualRedwings Horse Sanctuary promoted theJudges - Jay Tovey, Jake Engler and Kevin and team honours support that is available for farriers. ManyBalfour 3 top Judges setequine charities offer support for equine Chief Steward - Mark Watsonchallenging shoesprofessionals who might be concerned1 Chief Steward about a horses welfare, but are not quiteThe Purple Army - Jed Hallam, Russell sure who to turn to. In most cases theJones, Danny Bennett, Chris Johnson, Dave13 Stewards charitys equine welfare advisers are ableJones, Nick Cooper, Steve Griffin, John3 tons of coke to work with owners to help them do theBolton, Andy Stringer, Tim Rooney, Sam best for their animals.Rooney, Sol Tovey, Ellie-May BucklandCamaraderie and generosity providedBFBA Craft CommitteeJim Balfour,273 metres of steel Countless hours spentby UK farriers to the overseas teams,Danny Bennett, Jon Nunn, Mark Watson,practising offering hospitality that is second to noneByron Bennett, Chris Johnson, Gavin Golby,1 media opportunityby hosting them in the lead up to theRussell Jones, Alwyn Mckeown, Ruraidhpromoted farriery on localcompetition.Robb, Danny Elliottradio CPD - dont forget to record your CPD points from this event and reflect on whatContinued on page 6/4 |FORGE|November 2019'