b'profeet-forge-range-A4-19-V4.qxp_030/07/201909:53Page 1Feeding hooves fit for farriersPROFEET Pellets,stamp out bad feet Powder & LiquidFive star treatment for strong, healthy hooves - targetednourish and protect with nutritional support that outperforms all other hoof formulas on the market.PROFEET DressingMade with extracts ofessential eucalyptus oil tohelp keep the horn suppleand protect the hoof frombecoming brittle and proneto cracking and breaking.Supportmoisture 4 PROFEET Rock HardA uniquely formulated loss hoof hardener to naturallyprotect brittle hooves,strengthen soft soles anddisinfect frogs prone tofungal and bacterial attack.Quality4 Brittleof horn hooves 4Cracks Horn& splits 4 PROFEET Hoof Moistgrowth 4 An entirely natural waterbased gel formulated to sustain the moisture Hoof wall content of the hoof.Health ofintegrity 4Laminae 4Keratin Hoof strengthsynthesis 4 & elasticity 4Good farriery and PROFEET a great combination. Ask your farrier.Join us today, for account details call: 01600 710726For more details please call our Nutritional Advice Line:naf-equine.eu/uk0800 373 106 or email info@naf-uk.com'