b'BFBABFBA Pre-diploma dayBFBA held its most recent PreDiploma mock examination day on 6 October to support apprentices, some of whom will be taking their diploma examination this month. Good luck to all of them. The Tutors on this course are WCF Examiners and all aspects of the exam are coveredfarriery theory (written paper), farriery practical (shoe making/fitting to a dead leg), anatomy (with veterinary surgeon using live horse and x-rays). Exam technique is also part of the day.BFBA EXECUTIVE AND CRAFT COMMITTEES MEETThe BFBA Executive and Craft Committees met on October 26 at the Forge to reflect on this years BFBA Farrier Focus and International Team Horseshoeing Championship event, begin to plan the 2020 event and strive to improve as we have done year on year. For a number of reasons the event will have a new date next year and this is a great opportunity to introduce some new exciting ideas. These will be revealed soon. What we can confirm is that the event will in future be calledBFBA Focus , which reflects the interests of blacksmiths to become more involved with both the event and the association. FARRIERS NEWSFARRIER AND VET CONFERENCEThis years Handmade Shoes Scotland Farrier and Veterinary Conference will begin on Tuesday Evening 12 November from7 pm at Pond Hotel Glasgow. The talks will take place on Wednesday 13 November, starting at9 am at the Weipers Centre at Glasgow vet school. Speakers and Clinicians include Dr David Sutton, Simon Moore FWCF, Jonathan Nunn FWCF and Ryan McDonald DipWCF.Also on 12 November, there will be an Open Day event Five presenters at Hoven I Centrum (The Hoof in Focus) in Middelfart,at the Smithy before the evening lectures, featuring Denmark. Jay Tovey FWCF, Mike Wildenstein FWCF (hons), Simondisplays of our comprehensive product ranges, with a Curtis FWCF, Henrik Berger FWCF, Wayne Preece FWCF. 10% of the10% discount off all purchases and orders placed.Fellows in the world, speaking at one event38 |FORGE|November 2019'