b'BFBAThe BFBA Edward Martin Cultural Exchange Edward Nicholls DipWCFSponsored by Stromsholm Farrier SuppliesThe BFBA, together with Stromsholm, are delighted to confirm that Ed Nicholls DipWCF has left to travel to America this autumn on the Edward Martin Cultural Exchange programme.Ed trained with ATF Russell Nicholls and Myerscough College and successfully gained his WCF Diploma in May 2019. He left the UK in late September and is looking forward to seeing how the industry is over here and the way of life, adding Im excited to compete in a couple of competitions here in Iowa and Minnesota. I would like to thank the BFBA and Stromsholm and everyone involved in giving me the opportunity for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.Eds first stay is with Matt Shacklee in Kansas, in a small Town called Ozawkie. They got straight to work making shoes on the first night with a days shoeing planned for the following day. Practise for the Nebraska competition in a couple of weeks has started and he will be spending his first weekend shooting and fishing!Organised by the BFBA and coordinated by Huw Dyer AWCF, flights to America are sponsored by Stromsholm Farrier Supplies. The Exchange offers amazing opportunity to travel and expand on farriery knowledge and skills while working with some of the most highly respected farriers in amazing locations in the USA. Those wishing to be considered for the educational trip of three months in the spring should get in touch with BFBA Head Office by calling 024 76 696595 or email headoffice@bfba.co.uk. Honorary Fellowship for Professor Wellerhas been awarded anQuickProfessor Renate WellerQuick QuickHonorary Fellowship ofTips5. the Worshipful CompanyTips TipsIf an answer of Farriers (WCF) for herdidnt go as well as distinguished service toyou hoped, read up on the the craft of farriery andtopic as the examiner may well the welfare of horse.check your knowledge during Congratulations to herthe oral examination, which can for this well deservedbe the difference between aaward. Quick Quickpass and fail She is currently involved in organisingTips Quickfarrier/vet seminar,Tipswhich will take place onTips !Freepik.comSaturday, 28 March 2020 at the Royal Veterinary College36 |FORGE|November 2019 Quick Tips ! Quick TIPSQuickTips'