b'FEATURED PRODUCTSCarr, Day & Martin launch a new farrier programmeWe are delighted to be launching a new farrierhoofcare products for so many generations. There is programme and are looking for experienced anda reason the brand has been around for so long, they industry-leading farriers to become professionalhave the best quality products on the market from their advocates for our Cornucresine Hoofcare range.nutritional supplement to their targeted daily hoof applications. Its no secret that at Carr & Day & Martin, we believe thatAre you interested in becoming an advocate for horses deserve the best quality care products. That isthe Cornucresine Hoofcare range? Get in touch with why we are looking for Farriers who are as passionate asCarr & Day & Martin via their email address: farriers@we are about helping people find the best products andcarrdaymartin.co.ukcare plan, for customers hoof care needs. We also understand that a great opportunity to add a revenue stream for Farriers is through the sale of high quality hoof care products, that also help your work as a farrier in maintaining healthy hooves, throughout theQuickyear. Quick QuickWe not only believe in delivering the highest qualityTipsTips Tipsequine care products but also in delivering top quality education to customers which is why we have joined4. forces with farrier Mark Gilliver. A farrier for over 18Use the question to years with extensive knowledge and experience, makeswork out what the examiner him the perfect ambassador for our Cornucresinewants - look for key words Hoofcare range. like describe in detail, use On the new partnership, Mark Gilliver said I am Quick Quickabsolutely thrilled that Carr & Day & Martin and Idiagramspartnership; we will work together to ensure even moreQuickare joining forces. It couldnt be more of a perfectTipsTipsFreepik.compeople choose the right products for their individualTips !hoof care needs. I am so looking forward to combining forces with a brand that has delivered such high-quality RESOLVING HOOF ISSUES Before using WITH Quick Tips ! Quick TIPS HooftapsD.E HOOF TAPSTips Quick 23 May 2018DE Hoof Taps is a new unique tool designed by American farrier Doug Ehrmann to help correct hoof issues such as wall separation, toe cracks and excessive wear-n-tear. During his many years of research and trials Doug discovered that his Hoof Taps prevented excessive wear and tear without being intrusive and also allowed the hoof to behave more naturally. A later development of adding Zinc coating to the Taps resulted in existing bacteria within the hoof reducing and prevented new bacteria from becoming established. Zinc is known to have natural antibacterial properties. Hoof Taps can be used under traditional metal shoes, under glued-on shoes, within a boot or on their own in unshod equines. There are made of hardened steel and so provide protection similar to a shoeBefore using whilst still allowing the hoof to expand.HooftapsVersatility is just one feature thats made DE Hoof Taps a popular23 May 2018choice among industry professionals. In many cases farriers have reported significantly tighter white lines, healed toe cracks, improved wall separations, wall stabilisation, a decrease in excessive wear and improved the foot balance.DE HoofTaps offers an entirely new approach to hoof care and in the process can make the life of a farrier just a little easier! For case studies visit: www.soundequine.net.To purchase: contact sales@valebrothers.co.uk (UK) or dehrmann.soundequine@gmail.com (USA)32 |FORGE|November 2019'