b'NEWSWCF Best shod awards Gareth Holt DipWCF Apprentice Bronze:1st/2nd yr: Sol Tovey3rd/4th yr: Nick Wilson29 & 30 May15 AugustApprentice Therapeutic: Sam Rust 4th yr SUFFOLK SHOWUK EUSTON ENDURANCE FESTIVAL Judge: S-M Brown FWCF BSH: Heavy Horse Section, HolbeacheBSH: Eddy20-23 June Olympus,Owner/Rider: Gracie FlinROYAL HIGHLANDOwner: Mrs Andrea HoskinsFarrier: Steven Rust AWCFSilver: Paul Robinson AWCFFarrier: Stephen Hill AWCFJudge: Stephen Gowing AWCF Bronze: Steven Beane FWCF Judge: Robin May AWCF BSH: Vlacq Journeyman Apprentice Bronze: 1st/2nd yr, Joe Argo 1 JuneOwner: Georgina Vaughan 3rd /4th yr, Dominic Welch ROYAL BATH & WEST Farrier: Nigel Brown AWCF Judge: Rhuaraidh Robb AWCFBSH: Ellie, Pony Club Games, Judge: Stephen Gowing AWCF 10 July Owner: Ellie Burton, 22 AugustGREAT YORKSHIRE SHOWFarrier: Matt Housley DipWCFMELPLASH SHOWSilver: Ben Grange DipWCFJudge: Andrew Reader-Smith AWCF BSH: Histarmoor Jo-Ann Judge: D P Smith AWCF11 JulyOwner: Mr Walbrin 11 JulyGREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW Farrier: Peter Hayden DipWCFGreat Yorkshire Show BSH: Heartthrob,Judge: Phillip Perryman AWCF Bronze: Ben Grange DipWCF Owner: Mrs Fletcher,26 AugustApprentice Bronze:Farrier: Tom Pears AWCF EDENBRIDGE & OXTED 1st/2nd yr: Dominic Welch Judge: Jon Atkinson DipWCF BSH: Kings Barmaid3rd/4th yr: Joe Argo 14 JulyOwner: Mr J BowerJudge: Jon Atkinson DipWCFESSEX HEAVY HORSE & DRIVING SHOWFarrier: Ryan Evans, 4th yr Apprentice 24 JulyBSH: Cumeragh House Legacy, Judge: Robin May AWCF ROYAL WELSH Owner: Margaret Teasdale, 7 SeptemberSilver: Ryan McDonald DipWCF Farrier: Tristan Lambert DipWCFORSETT SHOWBronze: Ryan McDonald DipWCFJudge: Stephen Gowing AWCFBSH: Landcliffe Joseph Apprentice Bronze:BSH: Tregole Isabelle Owner: G & R Collins1st/2nd yr: Sol ToveyOwner: Jenny ToddFarrier: Mark Bell DipWCF3rd/4th yr: Sam West Farrier: Gareth Thomas DipWCFJudge: Robin May AWCF Judge: Andrew Casserly AWCF Judge: Stephen Gowing AWCF7 September24 August28 JulyALRESFORD SHOW STEVIE FISHER SHOEMAKING MID DEVON SHOW BSH: Major AchievementCOMPETITION BSH: Hiraethog Holly Owner: Pippa Patrick Bronze: Matt Randles DipWCFOwner: Roberts FamilyFarrier: Martin Palmer DipWCFJudges: Stevie Fisher/Gary Darlow AFCLFarrier: Danny Roberts DipWCF Judge: Phil Dunmall FWCF 30-31 August Judge: Andrew Reader Smith AWCF 58 SeptemberCHATSWORTH COUNTY FAIR4 AugustBURGHLEY HORSE TRIALSSilver: Hunter Shoeing, Leon Bentham MAGIC MILLIONS BRITISH OPENBSH: Ivar GoodenDipWCF, CHAMPIONSHIP Owner: Alvar Ward KMS TeamCob Shoeing, Gary Darlow AFCL BSH: Figaro Van Het BroekxhofFarrier: Paul Varnam DipWCFBronze: Mark Barnard AWCF Owner: Barbara Cooper Judge: Alex Mercer AWCF Apprentice Bronze:Farrier: Greg Elliott AWCF 1st/2nd yr: Joel Downes FARRIERY AWARDS 3rd/4th yr: Dom Welch Judge: Phillip Martin AWCF May 29 & 30 Judge: Gavin Golby AWCF11 AugustSUFFOLK SHOW CORRECTION BDS WALES SHOW Silver: Roadster Pair Class, Ben CoyBRITISH DRIVING SOCIETY ANNUAL BSH: Tregole Isabelle AWCF and Tom Farmer AWCF SHOW, Smiths LawnOwner: Jenny Todd Fireman and Doorman Pairs Class, BenOwner: Jenny ToddFarrier: Gareth Thomas DipWCF Coy AWCF and Tom Farmer AWCF Farrier: Gareth Thomas DipWCFJudge: Mark Evans DipWCF Bronze: Open Therapeutic Class, Judge: Phil Dunmall FWCFStromsholm Apprentice Club, continued/.Points are accrued at a number of competitions across theJOIN ! country for apprentices gaining places in apprentice classes.The Stromsholm Apprentice Farrier Club is FREE to join and is See the website for a full list of competitions that qualify. here throughout your apprenticeship. If you havent received You do need to be a member of the Apprentice Club toyour apprentice pack or confirmation of your apprentice claim points in the Apprentice Shoemaking League. If yourmembership complete the online form TODAY! points are not on the website it may be because you are not currently a member of the Apprentice Club. www.stromsholm.co.uk/apprentice-club-4-w.aspNovember 2019|FORGE| 31'