b'STROMSHOLMAPPRENTICESTROMSHOLMCLUB APPRENTICE CLUBFOR GREAT BENEFITSDURING YOURFARRIERYAPPRENTICESHIPJOIN NOWFOR YOUR FREEAPPRENTICE PACKLEARNING/RESEARCHSTROMSHOLMAPPRENTICE CLUB FOR GREAT BENEFITS STROMSHOLMDURING YOUR APPRENTICE FARRIERY STROMSHOLM STROMSHOLMAPPRENTICESHIP CLUBWe hope that group 43L have settled into APPRENTICEJOIN NOW their new positions, having successfully CLUB APPRENTICEFOR YOUR FREE completed their first college block. Good CLUB APPRENTICE PACK luck for the years ahead.Our Apprentice Seminar took place at The Horse Trust at the beginning of September and we thank everyone who attended and our superb team of lecturers and examiners including Jay Tovey FWCF, Gary Darlow AFCL, Mark WatsonSTROMSHOLMFWCF, Kevin Willard FWCF and Dan Harman AWCF. The APPRENTICEfacilities at The Horse Trust are superb and we thank them for CLUB providing the venue and the horses. STROMSHOLM APPRENTICE CLUBThe results were as follows:1ST YEARS 3RD YEARS1st Sol Tovey1st Thomas Anderson 2nd Elliott Marris2nd Emily Hockney 3rd Reuben Bicknell3rd James Black 4th Henry Chitty 4th Marcus Burrows2ND YEARS 4TH YEARS1st Jordan Vaughan1st Abbey Bailey 2nd Tadhg Vaughan2nd Stewart Pink 3rd George Eastwood3rd Paul Walker 4th Joe McClurg 4th Elliott ReadThe Apprentice College Block AwardIt is always good to receive College Block Award nominations. The apprenticeship can be a long journey and these awards highlight the commitment and effort shown by theher practical work. This apprentices nominated. We hope you enjoy your Stromsholmaward is recognition voucher and certificates!of her effort and being Myerscough College the most improved DANIEL LOWSON (40S) consistently good in both theory andstudent of the group. (ATF J Finch DipWCF)practical. (ATF Dean Mould DipWCF) GARETH PECKETT-JOHNSON (43L) during block 1 Gareth has JOSHUA DENCH (43L)has made consistent progress throughdemonstrated, motivation, maturity and professionalism. This block 1 with an excellent theory result at the end of the block.award is for consistent competence in both Knowledge, Skill (ATF Nick Clarke AWCF) and Behaviour. (ATF R Rush AWCF)Warwickshire College Apprentice Shoemaking LeagueSAM WEST (40L) for his overall practical and theory standards.At the time of writing the Apprentice Shoemaking League is (ATF Mr C Powell FWCF) complete up to and including the Stromsholm Apprentice Seminar. A special mention for Henry Chitty (ATF Dean LANCE ASHTON (40S) for consistent effort and achievementDibsdall) who has only just joined in group 43L and gained a throughout the block. (ATF Mr G Pickford DipWCF) great 4th place at the Stromsholm Apprentice Seminar. Well Hereford and Ludlow College done Henry! CAROLINE RAYNER (40S) for maximum effort in over the lastThe current positions: seven blocks which has resulted in a massive improvement in40S Stuart Pink (28 points), 2nd Nick Wilson (16 points) 40L Sam West (60 points MAX), 2nd Dominic Welch Jr (38 points) 41S William Badlan (26 points), 2nd James Black (16 points) 41L Emily Hockney (42 points), 2nd Henri Allison (36 points) 42S Charlie Karl Lawson (8 points) 42L Louis Agnew (24 points), James Hardy (22 points) 43S Solomon Tovey (50 points), 2nd Huw Parry (20 points) 43L Henry Chitty (4 points)The league is updated as results are confirmed and points have been allocated. Keep an eye on the Stromsholm Apprentice Farrier Club Facebook page (@apprenticefarrier) Daniel Lowson Lance Ashton Sam West and the Stromsholm website for results as soon as they become available. 30 |FORGE|November 2019 18-30 NOV section 3.indd 30 29/10/2019 10:18'