b'Patent pending 15339001 NEW -Invented by a Farrier for FarriersD.E. HOOF TAPS can help to resolve issues including: walls separation, cracks, weak/flaky walls and excess wear. Why use D.E. Hoof Taps? Effective aid to help speed up and repair wall /white line separationHelp to restore natural hoof balance for horses1.25 (317mm)with collapsed heels and Negative Palmer Angle Repair cracks Protect against excessive wear28.75They do not impede natural hoof flexion$37.50Can be used under shoes, under glue-on shoesPer pack of 25or on their own Example: wall separation DE Hoof Taps must be fitted by a qualified farrier into the hoof wall right outside the white line by lightly tapping until flush with the walls bearing surface. The taps are curved to follow the shape of the white line of the hoof and are held secure by the 3 anchor points.The taps are Zinc coated which helps to stop bacteria from spreading. First use of After 5 weeksDE Hoof Taps come in a container of 25pieces.DE HOOF TAPS DE hoof Taps must be fitted by a qualified Farrier. They can be purchased from retail outlets by Equine Podiatrists and horse owners on behalf of their Farrier.For more information visit: www.soundequine.net orwww.facebook.com/hoofprofessional.To purchase contact UK/Europe: sales@valebrothers.co.uk America: dehrmann.soundequine@gmail.com MADE IN THE UK 18-30 NOV section 3.indd 25 29/10/2019 10:18'