b'BFBAFrom the BFBA BranchesBFBA NORTH WEST BRANCHWe hosted a Lets Get Glueing Clinic with Pro-Glus very own Jeff Newman in October.Our usual hearty breakfast got the day off to a good start before we sat down for a PowerPoint presentation on glues and how they work, followed by slides covering different cases. The theory element was excellently put together,of us had previously usedGlus courses then dont waste with loads of detail and Jeffsdifferent types of hoof gluetime and get signed up. Check natural humour made for ait was an eye opener to seeout Pro-Glu and Jeff Newman great start to the morning.how the preparation is key toon Facebook. Jeff then moved onto thesuccessful glueing, this wasWith summer long gone first of the practical sections,helped by Jeffs handy littlethe nights are drawing in so Chris Newman had previouslygadgets that by the end of thewe have started organising prepped the glueing stationsday we all bought.our Farriers Christmas get and the cadavers so both JeffJeff has that much faithtogether, this will be on and Chris could get stuck rightin his glue we even set toSaturday 28 December. Food in to show us how its done;with a sledge hammer toand drink will be provided we were all impressed withtry and knock a shoe off abefore a wander around theIf you would like anything the direct glueing to the solecadaver, this just showed howlocal pubs and finishing at aorganising then please call or for unshod horses with the useeffective both the glue andfellow farriers own wateringmessage us, alternatively you of fibreglass chop.the correct preparation is. Byhole. More details to comeare always welcome at our Lunch was served in typicalthe end of the day everyoneor just keep an eye on ourThursday morning breakfast northern style of pie and peasof us commented on how weFacebook page.club for a brew and a butty. for our southern clinician.will be using our newly learntScott G. Moores, DipWCF DipHE BSc (hons) TTFA ATF techniques and along with the We then all got the chancePro-Glu bundle of goodies we to dive in and practice ourare armed and ready. If youBRANCHESnew techniques, whilst somehave yet to go on one of Pro- Share details of your eventsfuture and passedin Forge. We can help you promote your Branch and the farriers in your area. Photos welcomeEmail: forge.bfba@gmail.comQuick Quick QuickTips Tips Tips3. Questions can be answered in any order so long as the question number is clearly shown on yourQuick Quick answer.Tips Tips QuickFreepik.com Tips !24 |FORGE|November 2019 18-30 NOV section 3.indd 24 Quick Tips ! Quick TIPS 29/10/2019 10:18QuickTips'