b'BFBA BFBA International worlds topcompetitionHorseshoeing ChampionshipT h et e a m s Australia/New Zealand France (plus Apprentice team)Scotland (plus apprentice team) Belgium (plus apprentice team)Germany (plus Apprentice team)Sweden (plus apprentice team) British ArmyHollandSwitzerland (plus apprentice team) CanadaIrelandUSA (plus Apprentice team) England (plus Apprentice team)NorwayWales T h ej u d g e s These farriers JAY TOVEY FWCF, JAKE ENGLER CJF AND are the best in KEVIN BALFOUR DIPWCF (APPRENTICE JUDGE) the world and we have set tough shoes K e yp e o p l e to challenge them. After The stewards and the committee who prepared the Forge for the competition: Jed Hallam, Russellall, this is The Jones, Danny Bennett, Chris Johnson, Dave Jones, Nick Cooper, Steve Griffin, John Bolton, AndyInternationalStringer, Tim Rooney, Sam Rooney, Sol Tovey, Ellie-May Buckland, Jim Balfour, Jonathan Nunn, Mark Watson, Byron Bennett, Gavin Golby, Russell Jones, Alwyn Mckeown, Ruraidh Robb and Danny Elliott.Recording the scores: Tom Ryan FWCF with Carol RyanClass 1 open, shoes Class 2 open, shoes Class 3 open, shoesAluminium straightCalkin and wedge, Hackney bar shoe, Workhorse front shoe,European bar shoe, Fully fullered deep seated bar, Jake Engler Jake Engler Jake Engler Jake Engler Jake Engler bar shoe, Jake EnglerAluminium Z bar,Sidebone shoe, Jay Tovey Lateral extensionTool and fullered hind,Unwelded bar shoe,Jay Tovey bar shoe, Jay Tovey Jay ToveyToe extension, no weldingJay ToveyJay ToveyNovember 2019|FORGE| 17'