b'NEWSBath ironthe spark that lit a fireThe spark that kindled BathIRON was a desire to share the living and thriving craft of the blacksmith. Hand in hand with this was an awareness of the need to teach the wider world about the importance of our precious ironwork heritage, and promote a greater understanding of the skill involved in its proper care.From this initial spark, a highly ambi-tious project emerged. BathIRON aimed to bring together the worlds of the craft practitioner and the heritage consult-ant in a joint celebration of a vibrant craft skill, which has its roots in ancient times, but which still has a vital role in our modern world.Andy Thearle, whose vision it was, is a longstanding member of the British Artist Blacksmiths Association (BABA) so is familiar with public forging events and knows how inspirational and energising they can be. In his role as Secretary of the National Heritage Ironwork Group (NHIG), he decided to draw on the wide pool of resources that BABAThe NHIG office had moved in 2016 to Bath where and NHIG represent.Andy is an active ironworker with a network of contacts, so the World Heritage City provided an ideal contextfor this project.Its unparalleled wealth of historic ironwork means there is also a pressing need to nurture the heritage skills that built the city and are needed to maintain it. Today, ancient blacksmithing skills liemainly in the modern artistblacksmithing movement. With this in mind, Andy looked aboutfor an artistic project that would appeal to November 2019|FORGE| 13'