b'NEWSweather racing as the nights draw in. Currently our leaders areRetraining of Racehorses at Addington Manoras follows: We were delighted to sponsor the highest placed Retraining 1 John Gosden, OShaughnessy Farrieryof Racehorses (RoR) series prize run at Addington Manor. Our 2 Charlie Appleby, Derek Poupard and Phil Brookcongratulations to the following RoR competitors:3 David OMeara, Richard Elkins Preliminary Championship Test 19 - Louise Robson - The Last 4 Charles Hills, Sion Davies Farrier ServicesHour 5 Michael Appleby, Ed DoddNovice Championship Test 38 - Gaelann East - Mumaathel A new season has not long begun for the National HuntElementary Championship Test 45 - Natasha Jefcoate - trainers but early leaders include:Theme park 1 Dan Skelton, Spud Allison, Pip Smith and David Webley PYO Championship W - Bridget Gronow - Packers Hill2 Nicky Henderson, Chapel Forge FarriersCelebrate your Kerckhaert Winners 3 Donald McCain, Alex Lake, Border County FarriersIf you have shod a national or international winner, from any 4 Peter Bowen, Mr A Williamsdiscipline, we want to hear about it!5 Olly Murphy, Alex TaylorTake a picture of yourself with the winning horseor even shoeing itand get in touch to claim your bottle of bubbles! Call the office on 01908 233909 and speak to Dan Collins.WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF BLACKSMITHS (WCB)VICTORIA &ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON TONYPANDY AWARDTHURSDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2019 Call for entries for the 2020 10.00AM-5.30PM awardThe proceeds from this event will support heritageThe Tonypandy Award ironwork educationrecognises an outstanding example of the skill of a blacksmith or blacksmiths. The Keynote address by Heiner Zimmermann WCB welcomes nominations from any source for work Passing on the flame: What historic ironwork taught mewhich meets the criteria of outstanding. as a contemporary blacksmith We welcome applications from British blacksmiths. All Professor of Metal Art at the University of Gothenburgwork should be in the UK or Northern Ireland. Work should Heiner Zimmermann has worked as a blacksmith, artistpreferably be accessible to the general public.and teacher for the past 30 years. Following nine years ofModern and traditional techniques are equally formal apprenticeship in Germany and vocational trainingacceptable. Work in any metal and heat process is in workshops around the world, he completed a Mastersacceptable. The age of the piece should not exceed five degree and set up his own workshop. His talk at the V&Ayears from completion.will focus on his personal journey, examining our role as makers today and considering how we will pass on theNominations incorporating as much information as flame, addressing: possible on the submission should be sent to the Chair ofCuriosity: How an open mind enables us to learn from thethe Tonypandy Committee along with a portfolio of past mindset of past craftspeople as well as innovate ourselves. commissions to: Sally Clark, Wildfields Farm, Wood Street Village Guildford, Surrey GU3 3BP, phone 01483 235244 orContext: How available tools and material, the biggeremail: sally@artsmith.co.ukpicture of the built environment & changing fashions inThe application deadline is 31 December 2019society make a piece what it is. Continuity: How build quality, fuel efficiency and craftFreepik.comcompetence can maximise the sustainability of our practice.Bethan Griffiths will speak onQuickQuick QuickFitting the new to the old: designing ironwork for Tipshistoric settings Tips TipsDirector of The Ironwork Studio, Bethan is a specialist2.designer and consultant in decorative architecturalGood time ironwork. Her passion for metalwork, especiallykeeping is essential. blacksmithing, developed while studying for her BA inWork out how long to spend three-dimensional design. She has been involved in a rangeon each question to give of projects, from new designs to heritage conservation. Quick Quickyourself time at the end to Tips check your answers.Alicia Robinson, Senior Curator at the V&A, will leadTips QuickHighlights of the Collection tours on Wednesday Tips !13 November at 2 and 3.30www.nhig.org.uk12 |FORGE|November 2019Quick Tips ! Quick TIPSQuickTips'