b'FARRIERSAVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY CHOICE FROM YOURFARRIERCONCENTRATED HOOF FORMULA PELLETSA new generation of nutritional support Key nutrients per 80g serve:for hoof and coat health!Biotin20mgZinc250mgEA Farriers Choice concentrated hoof formula pellets have been especially formulated for the UK market, ensuring a suitable calcium : phosphorus ratio, (with added magnesium), to complement UK forage-based diets.Methionine5gEA Farriers Choice concentrated hoof formula pellets have been designed Lecithin1987mgto provide optimum levels of key micronutrients including biotin, zinc and copper, as well as important amino acids such as methionine, omega 3 fattyVitamin C650mgacids, antioxidants and a probiotic yeast to support digestive health, helpingOmega 3 fatty acids 800mgto promote hoof and coat health in all horses and ponies.Formulated on an alfalfa, soya and linseed base, with added lecithinProbiotic yeast 2.5 x 10 10 CFU (phosphatidylcholine), resulting in a very low starch and sugar, easy to For full nutrient specificationfeed, palatable pellet. and feeding rates, see our website.NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT FOR HOOF AND COAT HEALTH Providing key micronutrients,amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotic yeast.SIXTY TWO DAYS5 kgSUPPLY AT 80G62 FOR THE TYPICAL DAYS 500KG HORSE NET WEIGHT 5KGHOOFCAREAPPROVED FARRIERS CHOICE RETAILERS:Atlantic Equine Farriers Choice Central Forge Total Foot Protection01327 314880 01638 660951 01785 281867 01403 791000 www.atlantic-equine.co.uk www.farrierschoice.co.uk www.centralforge.co.uk www.tfp-shop.co.uk EQA_0548_Forge_Magazine_BFBA_297x210_Jun19_v2.indd 1 25/09/2019 13:06:12'