b'NEWSWORLDS OLDEST FARRIER SCHOOLThe old forge at Skara has been modernised ready for the third-year farriers who will train hereDr Simon Curtis writes about the worlds oldest farrier school in Sweden.In 1765 Peter Hernquist founded the Swedish veterinary school and Farrier school. There was little money in either profession so he funded them by playing the organ in the localInstructor Amanda Landenmark treats a trotter with a quarter-crack injury in one of the shoeing bayschurch. The veterinary school has now moved to Uppsala, but farriers are still trained in Skara. It would appear thatThe trotter was this farrier school can claim to be the worlds oldest. shod behind with bar shoes The Farrier school is one of five in Sweden and isin front and one within the Biologiska Yrkeshgskolan i Skara (BYS)threequarter group. It currently has over 80 apprentices, spread overshoe behindthe three-year training period. Previously there was a two-year initial training period, split 50:50 between master and college. Then the qualified farriers went out and shod horses, but were not allowed to engage in remedial farriery. They could choose to return for a third year to have remedial shoeing training. After a three-day exam, successful third-year candidates can apply for registration. Nowadays the training is seamless and continues for three years, but farriers are still returning because of the old system.Some of the Training farriers, or Tool Masters as they are known,forges are have compulsory training. Since 2015, only qualifiedsound-proofed farriers work on sick horses. How anyone decidesand at station when standard farriery becomes remedial farriery11 there is an seems difficult for anyone to answer. experimental extraction From 2026 all farriers must have the full three yearssystemtraining but Skara is already at that point.Like many farrier schools around the world, they have a mixture of full-time and part-time instructors. During my recent visit I saw Amanda Landenmark shoeing a trotter with a quarter-crack injury and other problems. Amanda had been a student at BYS and returned three years ago as a part-time instructor.8 |FORGE|November 2019'