b"NEWSStevie Fisher reports on his competitionThis years shoemaking competition was held at my new home in Eastborne, by the sea.There was a good turn out again, as there always is for my competition. I had a great day and really do enjoy seeing everyone. The Chaseley Trust was very helpful and welcoming, and even though it has a small car park, Jay Tovey I must say aAfter the shoemaking, it was time for the managed to get all the vans in.non-farriers competition. People like having a This years judge was Gary Darlow who hadbig thank yougo at making a horseshoe. It was won by a very just got back from Australia. I still had to runto Jay Tovey forgood friend of mine, Phil Hall. my eyes over the shoes to make sure he hadorganising it,A huge thank you goes out to Cottams who the results right! Although Im a judge, I don'tas he does suchsent t-shirts again, and Handmade Shoes do a lot really. Gary made the competitiona good job, andvery kindly donated some prizes. Thanks to quite hard really considering it was out ofthanks to allWorshipful Company of Farriers for giving a gastwo shoes out of inch by half. It was amedal for the winner and putting funds into very hot day, and the thing with gas fires andmy friends whomy new bespoke chair that allows me to drive.strong sun is the metal never looks very hot. Itseem to come to Some of the others residents enjoyed looked like it took a hard bit of thumping. wherever I am. Iwatching and it always amazes me how people It always amazes me how many peoplelook forward tolike seeing shoemakers sweat, because it drew make the effort to come such a long way andthe next one quite a crowd. As I can't talkwhich some even though it is just supposed to be a bit ofpeople think is a good thingI communicate fun, the standard was incredibly high. It getsusing the alphabet, which is very slow. very competitive when some of the best farriers andI had been taken to watch Sarah Beane, who stood the competitors in the world show off their skills.other side of the anvil so I could see what she was doing. It was won by Matthew Randles with a great pair ofAs I sat in my chair watching, a bit of scale landed on my shoeshe really did well in the heat of a very hot day,footby the time I had got someones attention and spelt which was made a bit easier by the breeze coming fromout scale, it had gone cold burning my foot. Its been a the sea.while since I had felt that!November 2019|FORGE| 7"