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John Ford affectionately known within our Farriery industry as the official gob was after 74 years of his life virtually silenced during the Open Forum questions at Farrier Focus.The panel put in place to answer all the written questions submitted before the event were as follows: David Greenwood (FRC Registrar), David Hall (FRC Chairman), Ben Benson (BFBA Rep on FRC Council), Craig DArcy (Northern rep on FRC Council), Coreen Beckford (WCF Registrar), Dr Simon Curtis (WCF Senior Examiner), Linda Quinn Myerscough College) Cliff Barnes (Chairman of the Farriery Apprenticeship Steering Group). It was chaired by Derek Gardner.Credit to most of the panel for either doing their research prior to this event from the questions submitted, or having the in-depth knowledge of the complex rules of so many different controlling organisations with the connected input control over the apprenticeship nationally and, more importantly, farriery?One thing that was evident and made very clear to all of us, which I was not aware of before this event. The Steering Group is still functioning at 100 per cent even after the new apprenticeship scheme was implemented this month (September 2019). Cliff explained that they still not happy with many issues within the apprentice scheme and are still plugging away with many of the much higher authorities who are either supplying the apprenticeship funding or laying down certain legislative rules covering all apprentices with no exception for the farriery industry. Linda Quinn from Myerscough College was exceptional with her professional understanding of the complex nature of the wide variety of ATFs and apprentices they deal with on a day-to-day basis, yet Myerscough is fully committed to the raising of standards that our young pupils must achieve to come up to in the coming years of the farriery industry, and it seems they have no intention of changing just to get bums on seats.I was very surprised over the two days not to see many of those persons who, like myself, for many years have made their views known on different forums via the internet and in some cases (myself included) have been very verbal as to the many issues we are un-happy with from our regulating bodies. I was there, all ready for the fight of my life after doing my research on the questions I submitted. After receiving the information that I had not been aware of, and now knowing that our regulators are far from happy, I have come away far better informed. There will still be many issues that I and many of you will not be happy with in the days and years ahead. As I was getting ready to leave at 5 pm on Sunday, a very knowledgeable farrier who has no connection with any of our controlling bodies told me this: Fordy, the veterinary profession went through this 100+ years ago, and it was the same older veterinary practitioners who kicked up a stink, I know you wont be around unfortunately to witness the farriery industry in 100 years time, and yes they will still be shoeing horses, but in a far more professional manner than today. This was another lesson I learnt at Farrier Focus 2019, so where the hell were the rest of you?6 |FORGE|November 2019'