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The articles on these pages have been written by farriers to share their individual techniques employed in both shoeing and shoe making. We are always searching for further articles to publish within these pages so do please contact us if you have a particular method that you feel others would find useful. These may also include case studies of clients horses or tools that you have designed for a particular purpose.

Update 12th November 2007.

Articles written by UK Farriers for the Forge & Farrier website are eligible for CPD points to the value of one point per article up to a maximum of four per year.

Darren Bazin AWCF

Creating a Caulkin (added 23rd August 2007)

Nigel Brown AWCF

Clinic with Gary Darlow - Creating a Tool Block (added 18th September 2007)


Gary Darlow RSS/AFCL

Hunter Front Shoe (added 4th September 2007)

Hunter Hind Shoe (added 25th January 2008)


Jim Ferrie FWCF

Shoeing around the Coffin Joint (added 18th December 2007)

Tendon Bar Shoe (added 26th November 2007)

Laminitis (added 15th November 2007)

Hoof Cracks or Stress Fractures of the Hoof Capsule (added 14th November 2007)



David Hankin DipWCF

Farriery in New Zealand (added 27th December 2007)

The following articles are courtesy of the American Farriers Journal and allow Forge & Farrier readers priviliged access to articles within their website.

"A Horseshoer's Approach to Heart Bars" (added 28th February 2008)

"Cruisin' with the Patch Man" (added 23rd January 2008)

"Heel Concussion Can Pound a Hoof"(added 21st January 2008)

"Managing Hoof Abscesses"(added 15th November 2007)

"Leaning Horses, Revealing Hooves"(added 15th November 2007)

"Remember These Pointers When Under Dressage Horses"(added 15th November 2007)

"Bunjee Cord Helps Injured Horse Snap Back to Soundness"(added 15th November 2007)

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