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Richard Ellis Tool Making Clinic

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Added 16th December 2009. Updated 2nd February 2016

Summary provided by Nigel Brown, AWCF


A small group of farriers and apprentices attended a ‘tool making’ clinic at Richard Ellis’ forge in November.

Starting with basic stamp making - each were given a piece of S7 steel – Richard began by giving an explanation of what to look for during the forging in order to produce a tool suitable for making the perfect hole in all types of shoe. The stamps were made with welded handles.

To follow we worked in pairs to make fullers. A hole was punched and drifted in H13 steel so a handle could be fitted before forging the basic shape. The fuller was finished with use of linishers and polishing belts. Following on from the stamp making, an in-depth discussion examined the use of the fuller and how it is expected to behave in its role – this applies to all tools. To make and maintain your tools in order to get the best use out of them you must understand them.

Lunch, provided by Richard, included a general chat about tools and the points covered during the morning .

The afternoon session was not for the feint hearted! Working in pairs hammer heads were forged from H13 steel. A small pilot hole was marked to help with accurate placement. Extremely hard (and hot!) work, the clinic was both extremely educational and rewarding. Tools were finished at home as discussed and are very much in use today!

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