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Londonderry Forge Supplies - Knife Sharpening Demonstration

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Added 2nd March 2009. Updated 2nd February 2016

Attended by a dozen farriers from the South Wales area and held at Tim Rooney's forge in December, Huw Dyer gave a demonstration of his new Knife Sharpening System.

Summary provided by Nigel Brown, AWCF

Londonderry Forge Supplies

This hands-on clinic incorporated a full demonstration of the new Knife and Tool Sharpening Maintenance System available from Londonderry Forge Supplies. The system promises to -
hone and sharpen all knives,
polish out imperfections,
sharpen and polish buffers, fullers and stamps so that they glide through hot steel,
rejuvenate and extend the life of all your tools,
save time and money,
and be easily installed in the workshop or a van.

They say that 'the proof is in the pudding' and this demonstration showed without a doubt that this system works. Knives are sharper and the wheels are so quick to change the whole process only take a matter of minutes. In addition to knives the system is now used regularly to sharpen nippers, pull offs, buffers, clench groovers, rasps and even redressing a nailing-on hammer. Fuller and stamps are now redressed on a regular basis too.

The demonstration is worthwhile and the product is highly recommended.

For more information about the system itself or if you are interested in hosting a demonstration, which qualifies for CPD points, contact -

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