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Laminitis and the Role of the Farrier Part 2

In the last article, we looked at the results of a major new survey into laminitis, it’s prevalence in the UK and risk factors. Results showed that around 10% of all equines had had an episode in the previous year, making it as prevalent as colic, and that both good management and farriery care are crucial to it’s prevention. But why is it that we see laminitis in even the best managed individuals?

Added 16th August 2019

Hoof & Lower Limb Soundness

Well summer of 2018 has proven to be a hot and dry one, and while we’ve all enjoyed basking in some sunshine, there are some less desirable consequences for our horses.

Added 1st August 2018. Updated 30th January 2019

Spring Hooves

The days are getting and longer and Spring is mercifully with us. Now is the time that many of our clients are looking at their horse’s hooves afresh for the season. For many winter is a time of fewer available riding hours, and it’s only now they’re looking to get horses fit for the season ahead. Has the winter taken it’s toll, and if so what can we do to counteract that?

Added 30th January 2019

Brittle Hooves

As we get into the warmer and drier days of summer brittle hooves are an all too common occurrence, Kate Hore RNutr(Animal) Senior Nutritionist at NAF explains why and how this happens in addition to including some useful tips on how we can prevent it.

Added 8th May 2018. Updated 11th May 2018

Top Tips for Horn Growth

We rely on the hooves to play many roles for our horses, and farriers know better than anyone that Mother Nature has created a minor miracle of engineering to do that.

Added 16th April 2018