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Concave Stamp Demonstration ~
Adam Fox DipWCF


Adam Fox, DipWCF, is well known for his excellent tool-making ability. In this article he shares his method for making a concave stamp in simple, easy to follow steps.

To download a copy of this article in a more 'printer friendly' (pdf) format click here - perfect for taking into the forge!

Essential tools to make the stamp. The steel used is inch round, S7.

Forge the steel into a rectangle shape.

The shape you are looking for.
Form the stamp to the desired shape.
Punch the eye hole three quarters of the way down through the steel.
Drop a little bit of steel filings into the hole and re-punch the eye hole a second time which is a good indicator where to punch through from the other side.
Punch through from other side.
Mark three and a half inches.
Proceed to cut all the way around the marked steel.
Forge in the 'head' of the stamp.
Rasp the head to a dome shape.
Finish the tip of the stamp.
Image indicating a good shape and size.
Leave to air cool.

Shafted and finished - ready to use