Laminitis First Aid – Imprint Emergency Frog Cast

Imprint Emergency First Aid
As a first aid measure, as soon as acute laminitis is suspected there are a number of actions to implement such as remove the cause, (if known) provide rest, along with pain and anti-inflammatory relieving drugs. At this point of severe laminal inflammation and liability to rupture, this is the ‘golden hour’ to act and provide immediate support to the bone column and the weight borne by it before laminal breakdown occurs or further trauma develops.
It is not always possible to find a farrier to carry out emergency remedial shoeing at short notice, so; providing support with an Imprint Emergency Frog Cast is a great temporary First Aid measure.
However, during the treatment of the recovering laminitic, remedial trimming to re-orientate ideal phalangeal position is vital as is additional hoof capsule support. The Imprint First shoes were specifically developed to achieve this, again without further trauma to the foot. The correctly fitted Imprint First shoe provides the all-important frog support and solar elevation particularly forward of the frog where in the laminitic the Distal Phalanx bears down against the sole crushing the solar corium in between.
Details of the Imprint Emergency Frog Cast procedure can be seen on our website here…