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Scottish Team Trials

Date: 9th December 2017 - 10th December 2017


To be held at The Forge, Royal Highland Showground on Saturday 9th December

9am for 9-30am start

Entry Fee   £150

Class 1    Shoe a front foot ¾ fullered toe clip and roadster specimen 75 minutes - Please note the measurements should read 10 1/2" not 11" on the roadster

Class 2    Shoe a hind foot plain stamp toe clip and European bar shoe specimen 75 minutes



Specimen 1a

Specimen 1b

Specimen 2a

Specimen 2b

Pay on the day


To be held at The Forge, Royal highland Showground on Sunday 10th December

9am for 9-30am start

Entry Fee  £50

To make 4 shoes which is split into two rounds decide yourself which 2 shoes in each round. 60 minutes per round

Pay on the day


Judge: Lee Christie



Heel and Feather

Lateral Extension 1

Lateral Extension 2

Plain Stamped 1

Plain Stamped 2

Preventer Bar Shoe 1

Preventer Bar Shoe 2


Plain stamp front dimensions - 

14” 1 x 1⁄2 E6 slim Hammer finish 

Width 149mm
Toe outside 156mm
Toe inside 154mm 


For details and entries phone

Seniors call Jim 07725692774

Apprentices call Andy 07967476596

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