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BFBA National Championships

Date: 22nd October 2017

**Please note the Apprentice class will now take place on Sunday 22nd October and not Saturday 21st October!!

Hosted by Y.F.E.D.A at the Great Yorkshire Showground Countryside Live event



Judges Mr J Blurton AWCF & Mr J Nunn FWCF


Open sponsor NWT Horseshoes Ltd

Apprentice sponsor YFEDA

Nail Sponsor MUSTAD

National Champion striker receives a Derek Gardner sledge hammer


Closing date 21st of September

Specimen pictures out 21st September


2017 National champion will receive £750 Cheque and Jacket from NWT Horseshoes, The New Century Cup & Mustad Gold Medal

2017 Reserve Champion will receive £250 Cheque and jacket from NWT Horseshoes, BFBA Silver Medal

2017 Best Shod Foot will receive The Frank Moorcroft trophy

Prizes and cards down to 8th


2017 Apprentice National Champion will receive £200 Cheque and jacket from YFEDA, J & A Ferrie WCF Shield & WCF Bronze Medal

2017 Apprentice Reserve Champion will receive £100 Cheque and jacket from YFEDA, BFBA Bronze Medal

Prizes and cards down to 8th


Download Schedule

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Download Open Rules


Specimen Shoes (added 22nd September 2017)


Jon Nunn image 1

Jon Nunn Image 2

Jon Nunn image 3

Jon Nunn image 4



Specimen shoe image 1

Specimen shoe image 2


Specimen shoes (added 29.09.17)


Open - Deep Seated Straight Bar Shoe

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4


Apprentices - Open Heeled Deep Seated

Image 1

Image 2


TIMES! (added 02.10.17)







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