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Forging Welfare Partnerships

Date: 19th September 2017

NEW farrier CPD to provide practical training on equine welfare, the role of welfare organisations and client communication skills.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary has launched a new CPD course with support from the BFBA and Dean Bland from Well Equine Ltd.

The course aims to help farriers improve their knowledge of equine welfare and build on existing skills in client communication to improve horse owner understanding of farriery and foot care.

Forging Welfare Partnerships aims to have a real benefit on the working lives of farriers and the welfare of horses.

The CPD course runs over two days – 30th August and 19th September – at Redwings Ada Cole Visitor Centre near Harlow, Essex, EN9 2DH.

 To sign up for your free place call Andie on 01508 481066/07711489622 or email avilela@redwings.co.uk.

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