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Bakewell Show

Date: 2nd August 2017 - 3rd August 2017

Run by BFBA Derbyshire Branch

Judge: Sarah Brown FWCF & Danny Mallender
Chief Steward: Dorian Madin

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Times (added 31.07.17)

Wednesday (Roadsters and 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices)

Thursday (Hunters and 3rd & 4th Year Apprentices)


Results (added 07.08.17)


Total Feet Day 1

First – Chris Hole

Second – Ed Dodd

Third – Stuart Moran

Fourth – Alex Bunclark


Shoe Making Day 1

First – Jean Dennis

Second – Matt Bilderbeck

Third – Stuart Moran

Fourth – Ryan Ellis


Overall Winner Day 1

First – Chris Hole

Second – Stuart Moran

Third – Matt Bilderbeck

Fourth – Ed Dodd


Total Feet Day 2

First – Leon Bentham

Second – Ryan Ellis

Third – Rodney Britton

Fourth – Chris Hole


Shoe Making Day 2

First – Leon Bentham

Second – Ed Dodd

Third – Jean Dennis

Fourth – Matt Bilderbeck


Overall Winner Day 2

First – Leon Bentham

Second – Ryan Ellis

Third – Ed Dodd

Fourth – Rodney Britton


Show Winners – Both Days Combined

Show Champion – Leon Bentham

Reserve Champion – Chris Hole

Third – Ed Dodd

Joint Fourth – Rodney Britton & Jean Dennis

Fifth – Graeme Moran


First & Second Year Apprentice

First - Brad Montecalvo

Second – Arlo Coles

Third – Josh Firth

Fourth – Nickolas Wilson



Third & Fourth Year Apprentice

First – Phoebe Morris-Colton

Second – Brad Montecalvo

Third – Josh Firth

Fourth – Stephen Hey


Roadster Shoe Making Bronze Medal

Jean Dennis


Roadster Best Dressed Foot

Graeme Moran


Roadster Shoeing Silver Medal

Chris Hole


Hunter Shoe Making Bronze Medal

Leon Bentham


Hunter Best Dressed Foot

Jean Dennis


Hunter Shoeing Silver Medal

Leon Bentham


Top BFBA Derbyshire Member – Edward Booth Memorial Trophy

Alex Bunclark

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