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38th BFBA International Team Horseshoeing

Date: 22nd September 2017 - 24th September 2017

Judges: Iain Ritchie and Paul Duddy

Judge A               =            Paul Duddy

Judge B               =            Iain Ritchie


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Questions and Answers (updated 17th July 2017)


Any queries should be directed to BFBA Head Office on 024 76 696595 or email nafbaehq@nafbae.org


Specimen Shoes (added 13th July 2017) - 


Class 1 Team Gas Shoemaking (Saturday)

Concave Calkin and Wedge

Plain Stamped Rolled Toe

Aluminium Suspensory

Concaved Front Shoe (made from flat steel)


Class 2 Team Shoeing (Saturday)

Clydesdale Front

Straight Heart Bar

Scotch Hind Preventer

Tool and Fullered Calkin and Feather


Class 3 Team Shoeing (Sunday)

Bevel Front

Double Calkin

Concave Pony Heart Bar

Fullered Front with Jar Caulks


Class 5 Apprentice Team Gas Shoemaking

Diamond Toe Trailer Hind

Plain Stamped Bar Shoe

Plain Stamped Deep Seated

Speedy Cutter Bar Shoe


Class 6 Apprentice Individual Shoemaking

Anti Brushing Bar Shoe

Lateral Heel Extension Hind


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