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Royal County of Berkshire (Newbury) Show

Date: 16th September 2017 - 17th September 2017

To be judged by Mr Simon Legge AWCF

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Results (added 19.09.17)

Apprentice Eagle Eye

1st Jack Mason

2nd Niall Perrett

3rd Sam Wilkes

4th Michael Lees

5th Alistair Evans

6th Owen Jenkins


1st & 2nd Year Apprentice

1st Thomas Anderson

2nd Jake Harland

3rd Joe Bell

4th Robbie Hawthorn

5th Jordan Luce

6th Ashleigh Lidster


3rd & 4th Year Apprentices

1st Oliver May

2nd Sam Wilkes

3rd Michael Lees

4th Tom Brown

5th Jack Mason

6th Sam Jones


Apprentice Therapeutic

1st Sam Shank

2nd Alistair Evans

3rd Sam Wilkes

4th Tom Brown

5th William McWilliam

6th Jake Harland


Apprentice Therapeutic USA

1st Patrick Dutton

2nd Cal Via

3rd Cody Melcham

4th Cole McElroy


Open Shoemaking

1st Matthew Bilderbeck

2nd Scott Topham

3rd Pat Schimanski

4th Chris Hole

5th Trent Bell

6th Billy Scott


Therapeutic Shoemaking

1st Chris Hole

2nd Billy Scott

3rd Pat Schimanski

4th Jim Bryant

5th Steven Griffin

6th Adam Bradley


Eagle Eye Shoemaking

1st Matthew Bilderbeck

2nd George Rogerson

3rd Pat Schimanski

4th Scott Topham

5th Trent Bell

6th Jack Girling


Champion - Matthew Bilberbeck

Reserve Champion - Pat Schimanski


Apprentice Champion - Sam Wilkes

Reserve Apprentice Champion - Alistair Evans


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