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Lincoln County Show

Date: 21st June 2017 - 22nd June 2017

Judge:        Gavin Golby Dip.WCF


Chief Stewards: Mark Watson FWCF & Glyn Trundle AWCF

Stewards: Jed Hallam Dip.WCF 


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Results (added 27.06.17)

Open Hunter Shoeing

1st Shaun Chatterton

2nd Sarah Mary Brown

3rd Ash Norris

4th Jay Tovey

5th Ryan Ellis

6th Ben Coy


1st & 2nd Year Apprentices

1st - Oliver May

2nd - Eddie Nicholls

3rd Dan Lawson

4th Paul Walker

5th Dominic Welch

6th Jake Sweet


3rd & 4th Year Apprentices

1st Jack Clayton

2nd Oliver May

3rd Jack Hyde

4th Mike Lees

5th Eddie Nicholls

6th Dan Lawson


Two Person Sports Horse Shoeing

1st Jay Tovey and Sarah Mary Brown

2nd Will Nicholls and Carl White

3rd Andrew and Martha Cooling

4th Ben Coy and Tom Farmer

5th Marc Mathieson and Dave Lynch

6th Lee and Ryan Ellis


Open Shoemaking

1st Ben Coy

2nd Jay Tovey

3d Will Nicholls

3rd Carl White

5th Scot Taylor

6th James Farnham


Open Shoemaking

1st Sarah Mary Brown

2nd Howard Booker

3rd Ryan Ellis

4th Dave Lynch

5th Jon Zoutewelle

6th Tom Farmer

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